Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TAKE this and then take it again.

Evan (Guitar, Kick Drum player)
has taken over this tour's blog.
he has a knack for writing.
so listen up.
you can follow us on this amazing

love to death
death to life.


faded memories said...

i wish south carolina could've given more. thank you for giving all to us. we saw you first at the Hotel Cafe and then second at the Handlebar. We loved you both times. Your passion is beautiful. It brought a tear to my wife's eye and stirred my heart.

thank you.

Daniel said...

Josh James...your hair is so long now. Seeing you reminds me of the time we invited Amy Dix over to your house and you threw firecrackers at her when she and a friend jumped on the trampoline.

Good times...I also think of you whenever I hear Mr. Wendal by Arrested Development.

We should catch up sometime.

-Daniel Ames

Anonymous said...

hello old friend.
i am in lincoln now visiting my parents.
I just took a walk past amy Dixes house, it was unreal to think that that was so long ago.
i hope you are well.
where are you now?

Daniel said...


I teach Business at Illinois State in Bloomington.

I heard you're living in Provo these days.

I don't know if you'll be around, but I'll be passing through there in roughly a month.

Send me an e-mail and I'll send you pictures of my family.


Anonymous said...

I discovered you about nine days after you played in Athens. Come to Atlanta, I need a friend.

amber said...

discovered you on itunes.. two weeks later found out you were on the lineup for bonnaroo. you are powerful when you perform and enthralling. wish you well. keep up the hard work.

Anna said...

You should educate Australia with your brilliant music and lyrics.

tabi said...

dear joshua..
lets kick it..
..with a bottle of wine.
we'll color provo red.

the end.

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