Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nashville, or, new friends with...

Our days were numbered from the start.
We knew that.
The Brett Dennen, and Meiko tour is over.
We loved them both, traveling,
was a very unique and special experience.

The tour ended well with an amazing crowd in Nashville, Tennesee.
I loved every minute of it.
The crowd was amazingly:
I was very blessed to be able to share with them my
feeling and trials
through song.

The following morning we woke up in the home of our new friend Bob,
who was kind enough to let us stay at his home.
We ate his pizza,
his breadsticks.
and before we left i broke is light fixture.
i felt terrible,
real bad like.
We made our way to his front door that beautiful nashville morning and bid him
We were off on our own (without brett, meiko, chad, randy, johnny, and the beautiful friendship that they gave us) to the next town.

The venue was packed,
and by packed i mean empty.
very empty,
but there were some folks (very kind like)
that came out to listen and to share.
It was a beautiful night.

We watched Sweet Home Alabama on our laptop in the car.
It was a very good night.

We are on the road towards Albuqurque, New Mexico (spelling?)
to open up for the new shoes man himself Paolo Nutini.
We are honored to be able to open for him, we recently saw him in Buffalo, NY
opening for Elvis Costello.
well it is now spring (i believe)
and love is in the air.
We are driving, and smog is in the car.
We are clean from showering last night,
and we have bright spirits (and hopefully futures)


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