Thursday, June 19, 2008

There is a robber in our midst.

i can't remember if we mentioned the miraculous events in Memphis,
but allow us to toot our horn a bit.
Nate (keys) swam across a large canal of the mississippi on a 25 bet.
we ate amazing food,
and played/recorded at the infamous Sun Studios.
sweet love.

Birmingham Alabama (today)

What a beautiful beautiful place.
we were robbed.
it was a terrible terrible thing.
we stepped inside of walmart to buy a lock.
Someone smashed the van window,
stole laptops,gps,cameras,etc.
and we are now with low spirits.
bless us.
bless us all.

joshua and brothers.


miss jenna said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! Wow...but unless I don't understand the situation correctly, you were robbed while buying a LOCK? "Its like raaaiiaaiinnn on your wedding day"...majorly ironic. But that sucks so badly. Thats a sick sick feeling, the moment you realize someone does that to you. Ugh. I'm so sorry. At least no one tried to kill Court again (crazy can't trust them! Except for me, of course...)

Anonymous said...

i had a rough day too... got locked out of the church where i volunteer, did some design work based on a photo it turns out i don't have the rights to use, and broke my favorite pen which i don't have the money to replace.

i'm sure your situation was still more frustrating and demoralizing, but please keep on trucking... you have to get to minnesota so i can see you all. you guys are more than just liked for your music, you're loved as friends through your music. remember that!

Marjorie said...

Yeah, that's Birmingham for you. Living here is like constantly having to look over your shoulder, it's horrible. I hope it doesn't deter you from coming back.

Pili girl~ said...

Robbery? What the!

Jesse Huth said...
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Jared Pyfer said...

love the music guys. As soon as I have a couple nickles to rub together I'm going to buy the newest album. Nate Rules. He's my nephew.

Amanda said...

What's ironic is that you were fine in Memphis but not in the Ham. I was living in Memphis when you were there, I didn't know. Now I'm in Birmingham, wish you would come back soon! Hopefully this time you'll pick a better walmart.