Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boulevard to Broken and Back again

Dear Darling,

we are now in Orlando Florida, playing "The Social" tonight.
we have had a heck of a couple of days.
We played in Nashville the night before last to a
beautifully respectful and cheerful crowd.
It was (unfortunately) the last night that we will be playing with
Justin Townes Earle.
The night before that we played in Atlanta, GA.
We had found a Home Depot 2.1 miles from the venue that
we needed to go to, to purchase something.
And being the fit men that we are we(trevor, kissle, and i)
decided to walk there. We headed down a street known as
"The Boulevard"
As we were walking we noticed many people staring at us.
almost saying with there eyes "what the hell are you doing here"
We were not startled, nor frightened, we gathererd our savvy,
and ventured on. We passed through what appeared to be a bit more
"rundown" part of the city, and received very amplified concerning looks.
We went a bit past the street that we were supposed to turn on,
and started heading back trying to find home depot,
two kind people at the bus stop warned us to not go down the street we had
just come up, lest we get robbed and or killed.
The man that warned us pulled out a large knife from his pocket and mentioned
"this is what i carry in case they start tryin sometin"
we took the mans advice and went through a different street.
We made it to home depot with no problems.
They did not have what we were looking for, and
we walked back to the venue,
it was all around about a 5 mile endeavour.

The walk had gotten Kissle worked up, and sweaty.
He decided to bath in the creek that was a block away from the venue,
after him bathing in it, we found out that it was the overflow
sewage drain.
That's that.

We sound checked and then grabbed our baseball mits.
we weren't really thinking about where we were playing, but it was right next to
a very very busy intersection.
Kissle missed the baseball and it smashed right into the side
of this mans truck.
he wasn't happy.
its been eventful.
we are busy.
i hope it is well with all.
You all.
Us All.
Them All.
j. and brothers.


A. Emmo said...

Boulevard, oh my! I live on Monroe Dr, the street that leads from Boulevard to the venue where you played… I live a little too close to the Boulevard end. Needless to say I live in a "transitional" neighborhood where I need to watch out for the drug dealer who sits in front of my house, the bums who sleep on my porch and the vagrants who break into my car. I’m thankful you survived my neighborhood. You have to find beauty in the small things here, and watching others struggle makes you appreciate your life more and more every day.

I saw you for the first time in Atlanta and you were great… I’m considering traveling to Athens this weekend to catch your show again.

Stay safe, boys, and god bless.

miss jenna said...

well, i hope you have a great time at the social again! welcome back to orlando! (can i welcome someone to a place that i am not present?)

Jesse Huth said...


It was great meeting you at the show last night. You guys were fantastic. I hope your drive to Miami wasn't too bad. When you get there do them a favor and make sure to play Annabelle and Abbie Martin :). I had a quick question. After your second song last night there was a little guitar instrumental last night that I could have sworn I have heard somewhere else...what is it from? my email is jlh210@lehigh.edu

Godspeed and god bless.


Seth & Kirie said...

why am i not surprised that dear kissle bathed in a sewage drain?! oh i love that boy.