Thursday, June 26, 2008

Make A Residency, Leave a Letter.

There has been so much that has happens in the last little while,
i hope that i am able to remember it all.
We camped last night on the beaches of Florida.
It was beautiful,
you are beautiful.
We went to this great Bar to get some seafood.
Little did we know that there was karaoke going on.
We all sang,
for a good four hours.
It was so beautiful.
Then Trevor, Kissle, and I.
decided to jump the high bridge into the ocean.
We went to bridges end, and decided that it was crazy.
but i halted.
I explained that there is one chance.
always one.
and we were there.
i climbed over the bridge and lept into the water.
Kissle and Trevor followed my lead.
The waves were huge and we could barely see the docks edge.
We made it to the rusted ladder that would help us to safety and
it was absolutely covered in barnacles.
We weasled our way past them and made it to dry ground.
When returning back into the bar, the owner explained that
there is a resident bull shark and that it was a very dangerous area.
We Love It All!
There is such a beauty in wonder.
I know it,
you know it.
such a beauty.
We are here in Tampa FL tonight.
the heat is minimal.
for that.
I will post pictures soon.
believe in something.
make sure it is sincere.

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