Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Mistress of the Sea

The Road, into all of this is a terribly abusive and beautiful thing.
I wish it upon noone/everone.
But alas we are here,
and yet again it is the same time that it has always been.
Love is here with us all.
We have had some very very goodexperiences out here.
I love it all.
We have been out on the road with someamazing individuals.
Will Dailey is a phenomenal person and musician.
We love being out with him.
We recently were in Charleston SC,
As we pulled in we noticed the rain clouds boiling up above us.
We had plans to make it to the ocean that day,
and so we went.
We made it to the shoreline just as the winds from the east were blowing.
The sands upon the beach were blowing and whipping our faces.
The waters were angry, the gods of fury.
We ran into the ocean, just like out of a novel.
The water consumed us, all of us.
We danced with the devil,
with the mistress of the sea.
We found ourselves consuming the storm.
The waves were high, and as the clouds layed into us, we found God.
We found our spirituality, there in the wild woods of South Carolina.
Again i repeat,
I pray this on noone/everyone.
Believe in all of this.
For this is ours.


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