Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Canon Of Fire or Fury

Make it one more time for me my sweet.
We are now in Charlotte North Carolina,
and happy as worms.
On our way here (two days past) we stopped on an exit
we drove down this mountain side and found a small trail that led
to one of the most beautiful waterfalls on this side of the planet.
We bathed with the suits that the good lord has bestowed on all of us.
in other words stark...
stark and beautiful.
We loved it so so much.
we made it to Charlotte and had an amazingly beautiful crowd.
We love it so much.
We are heading to Washington D.C. tomorrow.
with love i will live.
with hate i will not.
a charming thing is this.
that with freedom we are taught.

completely yours and this is mine.


Anonymous said...

Deep poetry.

thewhimmed said...

you know, i think i just adore you. you are sweet all the way through i'm guessing. keep flowing and growing.

tootie13 said...

north caca'lacky! my beautiful state. dear i think we should meet?