Monday, September 1, 2008

The Master Cleanse or, More Lemonade Please

i understand and know that this is not part of my tour journal.
But nonetheless part of my existence/life/love/etc.
I have recently (after some extensive study/reading)
decided to embark on a journey of internal cleansing.
Such a journey that has been aforementioned "The Master Cleanse"
I will for 12 days eat/drink nothing more than
Fresh squeezed lemonade with Cayenne Pepper and Real Maple Syrup added.
The benefits (so i hear) are to cleanse your body from toxins.
I know this might sound like a scandal, but i believe it.
I have decided to make a journal of each day through the cleanse,
to non only document my madness, but to have a journal of it afterward as well.
I am excited/nervous.
Today is the first day.
I have no hunger this morning.
But will drink my first glass of lemonade in about a half an hour.
Domination will occur over the next 12 days and i hope to feel better
from the inside out.
Tour has taken it out of me.
But alas i am happy to have arrived home, safe.
with love and always.
until tomorrow,


kaycee said...

I did that! It was crazy! For the first 3 days or so you feel starving and then after that you don't even have an appetite at all. Be careful when you start eating food again, ouch!

Mrs. Milla said...

i've done it too. annnd the second day... killed me. but it was all a little easier after that. :>

Mrs. Milla said...
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