Thursday, September 4, 2008

Failing is what....FLAILING!

I didn't log in here to talk of my failing the lemonade diet.
I will try again (soon) but to say the least i have failed.

I got on to mention that:
the crash this train/the garden single will be available to
listen and to buy on itunes starting sept. 23rd.
Which i am very excited about.
We have been working very hard for the next record,
and have around 30 songs that we have recorded for it.
Now the widdling down process begins,
to decide which songs make it and which songs get cut.
I hope that we make the right call.
I need to blog more,
it makes me feel better,
(for some reason)
i with this always
I love every one of you.


Anonymous said...

Very, Very Cool, can't wait to Download the single, can't stop listening to it on myspace....

Off topic, I was wondering if there's a neat story behind your guitar? Family heirloom? Amazing pawn shop deal? Ebay (hopefully not)? Just totally random curious as to the lineage of the strings and weathered wood. Thank you!!

dawn said...

for the record....i BARK at ghosts! :)

the sun is always brighter was in STEADY rotation until i received my "christmas in august" from northplatte records. elizabeth has been in rotation since!

kudos to you and isaac! it's amazing.
glad to hear of the "hard work" in the studio.

miss jenna said...

4 words. mother mary track one LOL (i guess LOL made it 5 words? or 7? LOL isnt a word. its 4.)