Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guitar Player Wanted!!!

We (The band and I)
are looking for a:

guitar/pedal steel playing (that could maybe play a bit of piano) fiend.
that is willing to play/tour/practice/be happy.

We can offer friendship/warm goods/etc.

Please contact me if interested either write a message to me,
or send email to:

and ever.


Joshua said...

Man, I wish I was a musician. Anyway, good luck with your search. If you ever need a place to stay near Cincinnati, then let me know.

Josh M.

Anonymous said...

I play acoustic guitar and that's it. No piano, sorry. I would love to work with you but I can only do it until January.
Mark Johnson,
Trevor Huish's little brother

jlee7 said...

I wish my talents were that of a fein. My only trait is a passion to sing. I've merely dabbled in guitar and piano. Yet I would give any amount of money to just be able to haul your gear on and off stage, just to be there and experience my dream. I could leave anytime and stay as long as welcome. If you have any call for that, I would be honored.

- Jeremy (