Saturday, November 8, 2008

This, You Can Build.

Build Me This....

Rot if there is rot,
or should i say....
if the roots are rotting.
For it seems the tree is dying.
You should tear the whole thing from the ground and rebuild.
Atleast that's what my father always taught me.
But this...
this still contains rot.
Lots and lots of rotting.
Build Me This.

We are mixing/finishing the next record this coming weekend.
I am excited/nervous/anticipatory.
But it seems no matter ow much we work on it there will always be
mistakes/and lots and lots of rot.
But i suppose perfection is not that at all.
Beauty is found in the mistakes (often).


LB said...

If Leonardo da Vinci had a digital camera,
there would be no Mona Lisa.
Perfection is overrated.
Passion, and art, cannot be perfected.
If it's too smooth, too slick,
there's no friction, no traction,
there's nothing to grab hold.
Glides right through.
In one ear, out the other.
Not here.

Anonymous said...

love that!
for it is certain as you say.
perfection is overrated.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the new music. Your music is inspirational. I am sure it will be great. Thanks!


Hey Joshua It's Lexie! Our family has a blog now you should check it out. I can't wait to see you. How are you and Emmy? I Haven't seen you guys at my grandma's for a while. So how is your music going? I like your new songs. Love Lexie!!!!

Jeffrey Todd said...

Right on brotha, it's the edges that make feel the cuts and the cuts lets us know we bleed and when we bleed we feel. WE ALL WANT TO FEEL.

J said...

I have a new tree in my front yard and it is growing crooked as a tree can grow. All of my neighbors tell me to STAKE it and make it grow straight.

But why ? Why not let it be it's perfectly imperfect self. Which tree will you notice on my street all the straight one's or my crooked tree.

Power to the imperfect !

Peace Peace Peace !!!

Jeffrey Todd said...

Yes, Yes yes Beautiful Imperfection
It's what we all are. Glorious

Ariny Bianchi said...

Hello Boy!
I am delighted with his musical work and all its posture in such a personality!
I was presented with a unique music to your Modest Mouse, and many now want more and I can not find!
I found this blog, I think that using it can achieve them! I look back on my e-mail!
Oh before I forget, beautiful photos!
Strong hug. Success!
[P.S.: email:]

Jessica said...

It's sad that you don't update your blog more, loves to read it.

eleanor rigby said...

your most boisterous az contingent will be in snowbird in early april...think we can work something out? :)

happy holidays.

LSL said...

Hey there - I've recently found your music and have been loving it like crazy. Wonderful stuff!

The Safer Devil said...

as a dancer and poet i must say that your work is very inspiring. thank you.

Carrie said...

Beauty is found in the strangest things.