Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sing Songs EP leaving

So i might or might not have mentioned the fact that the full length record is done.
We are busy getting ready for its release.
In the mean time we have assembled a five song EP with songs that didn't make the record.
This EP is available at shows and on mailorder only.
it will not be on itunes, napster, emusic, etc.

the song listing includes:

crooked arrow
farmer from the west
baby boy
ribbon bows
water run

You can buy it at:
or at a show.

we are going to be out touring much of march and april.
we are happy to be out, to be alive at all really.


Matt said...

i'm excited to hear your new music. why no digital distribution? it seems silly to pay $2.50 to ship 5 songs.

Anonymous said...

I'll be bumrushing my mailman very soon.

Thank you, please don't ever stop.

Marie said...

Can't wait for your show at were great down at the small show in Manti.Thanks for taking pics with us and putting up with us "stalking-you" LOL!..BTW, love the shirts we bought! Marie

Jim Ellis said...

i was looking forward to buying this ep at your show in omaha. i will now look forward to it coming to me in the mail..

thank you for creating great music.

peace & grace

Anonymous said...

Josh, great to see you again in Denver. Love the EP, can't wait to hear the songs that made it on the new album. Telling all my friends about you. Visit often.


bri said...

Sing Songs came in the mail for me last night & I jumped for joy.
It's absolutely beautiful.
Farmer From the West is my favorite track.
Well done, sir.

Drew+Elise said...

They're all SO great Joshua! (i'm kinda addicted)

It has a robin hood feel to it.

Anonymous said...

Joshua, Saw you last night 3/20 in Pontiac. This rarely happens, but the room was silent during your entire performance. I am impressed by the sincerity of your delivery in song. Perhaps they felt the same. Thanks for a great night out.

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