Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finding out sooner rather.

I am figuring this whole thing out.
I haven't posted anything.
for some reason.
I just have disconnected for awhile.
Just finished Screwtape Letters.
scared me a bit.
taking a fast train somewhere.
first in a while.
working on it.
patience is perfect.


Jay Tighe said...

Patience is perfect. Well said.

I patiently wait for your show on February 3rd. Stay well.

Kate said...

Please come back to NYC. I can't wait to see you live. Some say the city can be pretty relaxing... =]

Okay, maybe that's a lie but I'm still going to be waiting for you to tour around these parts again!

Anonymous said...

Josh, can't wait to see you again! I hope you find yourself in Burlington this spring!
-Jim (Poughkeepsie)
PS - Hey Jay!

Bethany said...

thank you for your honesty in your writing, but also in your songs. you certainly have a gift with words! thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. if the music was there... you would have a new song every time you wrote!

thank you for this post. disconnecting certainly does allow you time to process, ponder, and dream. and if you were reading Screwtape Letters, well you would certainly need that time! that book makes you pause to see your entire world, your inner thoughts and motivations, your perceptions of God in a different light. (I remember the first time I read that book was when my dad read my brothers and I a chapter from it every night after dinner when we were young! not exactly a "story-time" book, but we certainly had a lot of questions at that age!) but anyways.

have a wonderful time singing and playing in London!

I am still trying to figure out Lord, Devil & Him, (I have my thoughts), but I think it is absolutely beautiful!

Erin said...

i read screwtape letters in africa this past summer. its good to consider the schemes of satan, perhaps keeps you on your toes a little more often. but scary to boot.
-with love and respect