Saturday, January 23, 2010

History of 2000 years

Evan has been making me weepy with that Baritone guitar.
I am ready, or as ready as i can be.
For the time BEING.
To go play three shows in London.
I am excited.
Frustrated (about so much).
no no.
to the sound of the fiddle.
the fiddler on the mountain has called me.
back home again.
I am feeling anxiously engaged in the current state of "it all"
hark to the sound!
2000 years of history has brought the event to its culmination.

"There is beauty to be found in the darkness we create,
Absolution for the conscience of a tortured beaten state.
I've been carried out by demons,
I have seen the face of Cane!
My body can't quite make it to the gate (kingdom of fire)
My spine is being crushed beneath the weight."

to you all i wish the sun
the stars
the moon.
to you all i hope the fire
the dark
the rule.
consumes the heartache that diseased us.
digests the failure that infects us.
defends the mother that protects us.

joshua fred.


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